CE Analytics is a leading data analytics company serving businesses that support the consumer credit markets. Our analytic simuilations and scoring models can be used for consumer, lenders, credit bureaus or investment banking firms with of credit file applications.


We've been honored as the industry's Worldwide Data Analytics Product of the Year for our science in analytics. We've also been among the Top 20 Most Innovative New Companies worldwide.


We build better borrowers through education. Call us to find out how. 214-755-1837.

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  • Consumer Credit Scoring Analytics
  • Portfolio Risk Analytics
  • Mortgage Portfolio Segmentation Analytics
  • CE Score for Consumers and Lenders
  • Market Trending in Consumer Credit
  • Scoring Simulation
  • Consumer Credit Education Systems


CE Analytics offers services for proprietary credit analytics, credit scoring to businesses who need powerful analytic simulation solutions. To learn more please write or call us today.